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DOT Exams Medical Center

Commercial Driver License Medical Exam

Visit us at The Miami DOT Exams for appointments and physical exam with our DOT-certified doctor. Before we issue the medical examination report that you need, we put you through driver fitness determination tests that include a series of medical exams. We help you meet documentary compliance requirements mandated by the Department of Transportation pertaining to commercial driver's license eligibility. The cost is $45.

Eye Test

Health History Review

At our facility, our doctors conduct a full health history review as we put you through a series of medical tests. In these procedures, we also compile the following health status data pertaining to:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Rate
  • Breathing
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Urine

Urine Tests

In order to determine your state of health accurately, we also do laboratory tests and examine your urine samples. This test is conducted strictly for clinical purposes only. It is not a drug test.

Appointments and Walk-Ins

You can call us to schedule appointments or drop by our facility during operation hours. Be sure to bring with your documents bearing identification data such as commercial driver license and the like. Same day appointments are available.

Doctors Smiling

Quick and Efficient Process

As much as possible, we'd like to make your documentary compliance quick, easy, and trouble-free. Our DOT-certified doctors and staff conduct and complete all the medical tests within 20 minutes. Afterward, we provide you with a fully completed medical examination report for commercial driver fitness determination and a medical certificate. You can be confident about taking these documents home with you on the same day. If you wish, we can fax the DOT physical form and certificate to your company.